La  Catherinette and the Environnement

Every generation since 1888 has been closely linked to the work of the land and the tending of the vines on our domaine.

Today, with the same care and respect for nature, we know from experience that Mother Earth needs Man’s cooperation
to produce healthy grapes. However, we consider that this cooperation should be rational, and adapted to the needs
of the vines.

In short, this involves regulary observing our vineyards in order to adapt the necessary work methods to each plot
of vines.

Working the land, sowing grass between the rows and the use of organic fertilizers all promote the microbial life
in the soil and limit the use of pesticides which could be superfluous for the plants and harmful for man.

In the winery, strict hygiene replaces the use of any aggressive, harmful cleansing products. We possess our own
system for treating winery waste water, the first of its type in the Rhône Valley.

At the Domaine de le Catherinette we do not exploit Nature, we are simply sharing it.

The Wines of the Future Always have a past History

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